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The African Bitcoin conference in Ghana

Tether USDt was the first and by far the most adopted stablecoin, pegged 1-1 to US dollars. Created in 2014, Tether has pioneered the concept in the digital token space and standing strong through thick and thin. From being the first to the most used, stablecoin, and one of the most traded tokens by volume, Tether tokens have come a long way.

A disruptor to the conventional financial system and a trailblazer in the digital use of traditional currencies. In the midst of all these achievements, Tether has come to serve as a savior in Africa because it performs a wide range of functions. USDt fundamentally empowers more people to be able to access and use the US dollar in areas where access may be restricted or undeveloped, providing a way to escape inflating currencies, access financial services, preserve wealth, initiate borderless transactions, and efficiently transfer value. 

Speaking of freedom, as much as most countries have it in their constitution that there is freedom of expression, we can not overlook the fact that freedom of expression is one of the most violated rights in the world today. Similarly, in this global age, most communication apps have simply become data that companies sell. In an article published by cyber news, it was uncovered that someone was allegedly selling up-to-date mobile phone numbers of nearly 500 million WhatsApp users. Keet has come to put an end to this. Keet is a free video chat app without a single centralized server. All of Keet’s information exchange is done between peers. That way, you don’t have to worry about data branches, because Keet does not even require your data in the first place. With Keet users enjoy amazing video quality and fully encrypted text chats and even allows users to share large files even in terabytes within seconds. 

As part of Tether and Keet’s effort to express their commitment to promote both financial freedom, access to information, and freedom of speech, they have come together to support the just concluded African Bitcoin Conference, The conference featured people from various parts of the continent who believe in the Bitcoin revolution and are building a movement to support its adoption.

Paolo Ardoino, CTO of Tether and Bitfinex delivered a keynote speech on financial freedom, outlining how Tether serves as a tool for financial freedom in Africa and it can also serve as a bank for the unbanked in the African economy. Starting with real-life testimonies from people all over Africa, Paolo was able to establish that Tether tokens are capable of solving real problems around the world.

Marco Dal Lago, the head of expansion at Tether and Bitifnex shared a presentation about Tether’s pursuit of financial freedom and the secret to freedom of communication with a live demonstration of Keet. The main point to note from these demonstrations is to share that individuals hold the key to their own freedom in their hands. Similarly, investors can now gain more control of their finances with Tether, having access to borderless transactions without the stress of bank requirements, both locally and internationally.  

We can boldly say that Bitcoin has changed many of traditional finance’s limitations and left a strong mark on financial history. Over the years, future developments will head toward the direction of freedom and fairness – that is what Tether and Keet have come to offer. 

BFXLEOSAfrica Came to  Ghana!

In a related event, Marco also joined the Meet and Greet organized by the local African community BFXLeosAfrica as a speaker.  In the face of the current bear market and uncertainties happening in today’s world, it is only important that people are encouraged and well-informed about this sector to make sound financial decisions. One of the ways to achieve this is through educational communities that share real-time news updates and constant support which is exactly what the Bitfinex African Community @BFXLeosAfrica stands for.

After holding an amazing Meet and Greet activity in Lagos, Nigeria, and Nairobi, Kenya, the community brought fun to community members in the Ghana crypto space, this event was graced by the special guest the head of expansion for Bitfinex and Tether with an interactive session where he talked about the secret to financial freedom using Tether stating that Tether can be a trusted alternative for fiat with its 1 dollar to 1 USDt calculation and Tether’s transparency and proof of reserve makes it a more reliable stablecoin. Touching on how they have also been of help in El Salvador by donating 36 Bitcoin (BTC), US$600,000 Tether tokens (USDt) in Aid for small businesses in El Salvador as one of the methods of supporting financial freedom and the secret to freedom of communication using Keet. The local A everything you should know about Tether and Keet.

The community representatives also talked about Bitfinex, the OG exchange with top liquidity and trusted by whales in crypto trading, regarding some of its sophisticated features for both professional and retail investors. There were also games and insightful conversations on crypto adoption in Ghana and Africa as a whole.

The Bitfinex African Community @BFXLeosAfrica is a local African community that supports the Bitfinex brand and works to lead a community that has similar interests as well. 

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