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Kallo on the Beat Talksmusic, Inspiration, International Aspirations

Namibian music producer Kallo On The Beat has been making waves in the industry with his relentless pursuit of hit making.

Known as one of the country’s elite producers, Kallo’s passion for music stems from his upbringing in a music-oriented family.

In a recent interview, he opened up about the driving forces behind his success and shared his insights and aspirations.

“My upbringing played a big role. My dad played instruments and was very strict about perfection when he taught us different instruments. That groomed me into how I operate today,” Kallo says.

“I always seek to create something impressive, to me first, before it goes to the world. Also, I research a lot and seek inspiration from all over the world, which has helped me be innovative.”

Producing non-stop bangers in the studio is part of Kallo’s DNA and he says the contagious energy in the studio drives him to work tirelessly towards creating great music.

When asked about his all-time favourite productions, Kallo mentions several game-changing songs that left an indelible mark on Namibia’s music scene.

“I have a lot of songs that I have produced, my favourites are the game-changers such as ‘Netira’ by Kalux, ‘Wedding Bells’ by Mazanga, ‘Matere’ by Jayden, ‘Pretty Vibes’ by Yeezir, ‘Sim Di A’ by Adora X Jayden, ‘Like a Boss’ by Tulisan, ‘Unlock’ by Chester, ‘Heavenly Sent’ by Ruth, and many more.”

Kallo says these songs hold a special place in his heart due to the impact they had on the artists’ careers and the massive reception from fans, with many of them even winning awards.

Addressing a recent social media post, Kallo sheds light on the message he shared.

“The message comes from a deep part of my heart. As a producer, I feel like we are not appreciated enough. Music is a business for me, as it takes care of me and my family. I want people to know that I mean business,” he says.

He believes in the importance of fair compensation, and dispells the notion of providing freebies or working under a ‘pay you later’ mentality.

With his growing influence, Kallo On The Beat has also received attention from the international music scene.

“I have worked with some international artists. Thanks to social media, I get requests from artists in the SADC region a lot. I have also received frequent inquiries from artists as far as the UK and America,” Kallo shares.

While he acknowledges the challenge of monetising the international market, he still aspires to reach international success.

In recent months, Kallo has been busy with various endeavours. Alongside his music production work, he runs an entertainment agency, Jig’Zaw Music Entertainment, offering staging, sound and event management services.

“We are busy with expansion. If I’m not in the studio, I’m busy supplying sound as I’m also a sound engineer for events,” he says.

Additionally, Kallo says he is 50% done with his own project, which experiments with an amapiano sound. He is also involved in the production of new albums for industry heavyweights and discovering fresh talents that Namibia needs to hear.

Kallo On The Beat stands as a visionary producer, driven by his passion for music, commitment to his craft and aspirations for international recognition. With an impressive track record and an unwavering work ethic, the Namibian hitmaker continues to leave his mark on the music industry, and fans eagerly anticipate his upcoming projects and collaborations.

“Our studios are open and ready to serve the best of what we call local music,” Kallo says, extending an invitation to aspiring artists and music enthusiasts.

Source: Namibian