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Nakusera Breaks Silence Says Council Achieved a Lot / She Became a Target

Outgoing Namibia University of Science and Technology council chairperson Florette Nakusera has registered her disappointment in her council colleagues, whom she accused of leaking confidential information to the media.  Nakusera voiced her consternation in response to a query by New Era on Sunday. 

The paper wanted to get Nakusera’s side of the story in the Nust brouhaha, which has seen the institution move from one crisis to another since reports surfaced that the institution had been turned into a battleground, wherein allegations of corruption, nepotism and abuse of power are rife. 

“What is astonishing is that it seems that a council member sent you confidential council discussions. That is rather unfortunate and unprofessional, and against good corporate governance. 

I repeat, we served our time in the best interest of the institution,” Nakusera said. 

Her reaction comes at the back of a question by New Era as to whether council members rejected her exit handover note/exit report to the line minister.

The council, whose term was characterised by allegations of division and power tussle, had two exit reports to their appointing authority, higher education minister Itah Kandjii-Murangi. 

One report was authored by Nakusera, while another was written by her deputy, Michael Humavindu, and five other council members. 

Both reports have been seen and reviewed by New Era. 

“You asked whether council members rejected the exit handover note/exit report to the minister, and my answer is three of the 16 members of council members indicated that they will not endorse the report. This report was purely based on the status report of the university an,d on council resolutions, which are duly minuted. It was not based on hearsay or sentiments,” she said. 

Nakusera added that despite all the challenges and sensationalism, the council has achieved quite a lot, saying, “Our term has ended, and it is only appropriate that the new council will continue on the solid foundation we built in a harmonious and unbiased way”. 


Nakusera was in pain over the fact that the report was leaked to the public. 

“Mind you, this is a report to the shareholder minister and not a public document to an outsider. I also see that your source gave you the wrong report because the report you sent to me in haste to discredit me is not the report which I submitted to the members for their comments. Any rightful person will see that this is a November 2022 status report,” Nakusera said. 

However, contrary to what she says, the document availed to Nakusera for her to comment on was the one submitted by Humavindu and not the November 2022 one.

Meanwhile, in Nakusera’s exit report, a resolution exists that deals with the leakage of confidential information. 

“The council resolved to institute an inquiry into the leakage of confidential information and documents to the media or in the public domain. [Further for action is for] the chief legal advisor and registrar to devise mechanisms to curtail leakages of council’s confidential information,” reads part of Nakusera’s dossier. 

The council is the university’s supreme policy-making body.

Nakusera then questioned the health of the outgoing council. 

“Moreover, the fact that a council member shared with you confidential council emails tells you about the health of that council to govern over an institution of higher education,” she said while also accusing this publication of having an agenda of biased reporting. 

Nakusera further expressed disappointment in her fellow council members for not celebrating its achievements.

“I must say in my over 24 years of professional experience, which consisted of experiences of being a chairperson and member of both public and private sector boards, it was the first board I know which did not celebrate its own accolades. I hope that the public relations team of the university will work in all earnest to inform the Namibian public about this reputable institution,” she continued. 

Nakusera and her team’s term ended last Friday. 


Nakusera furthermore accused this paper of unethical conduct. 

“As a Namibian citizen, I deserve the right of reply, which your newspaper failed to have accorded me thus far. And I hope the Namibian public will see through your article what you are trying to do. It is never about getting my side of the story and getting to the bottom of the truth, but it was about whoever gave you the story so that you can sensationalise it, as you have changed the New Era, which was once a reputable newspaper, into a tabloid,” Nakusera said.

Late yesterday, Nakusera reiterated that a lot of untruths were fed to this journalist. “I have built my name and reputation and just because I am steadfast, apply good corporate governance principles, respect the university’s statutes, rules and regulations, as well as not getting involved in the day to day running of operations of the university, I became a target. But surely as always I’ll be exonerated by the truth.”
She added that as council chair it has been her responsibility to focus on strategic and policy matters and she did it successfully without fear or favour. “From all your articles I could deduce that it was no more about Napwu and ACC matters but I was being targeted in order to tarnish my reputation. I hope that those who fed you the lies are sleeping with their conscience. And one day you’ll learn to do responsible reporting and not target people’s names and reputations to advance others’ ill agenda’s and narratives.”

In the past, the banker declined to comment on the affairs of the academic institution and instead referred questions to the university’s spokesperson, John Haufiku, a call to which New Era heeded.

Source : neweralive