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Rising Cost of Living Hits Katima Mulilo Residents Hard

Katima Mulilo, July 5. Residents of Katima Mulilo and the entire nation find themselves grappling with the escalating cost of living. Despite government efforts to address the situation, the cost of living continues to soar, amplifying the burden of unemployment. As a result, many young people, desperate to survive, are resorting to criminal activities. Some turn to drug abuse, while others turn to breaking into homes in search of sustenance. However, the consequences of these actions often lead them into the hands of the law.

In a conversation with NDN, a young man highlighted that school leavers, faced with difficulties in putting food on the table, are increasingly turning to alcohol as a coping mechanism. The current economic challenges have made life far from easy, even for our parents. Even those who are employed face the continuous surge in prices, which erodes their purchasing power. The rising costs make it harder for people to afford essential items such as maize meal and other basic necessities, explained the young man.

When asked if there are alternative plans to sustain themselves, besides engaging in illegal activities like poaching and housebreaking, he responded that desperation often leads to impulsive actions. In such dire circumstances, one’s immediate needs take precedence over rational thinking. Only when confined within the walls of a police holding cell does clarity begin to emerge. He shared his own plan of cultivating cabbages to sell within his community, but acknowledged that even that requires access to water, which comes at a cost. While land may be available, the means to turn it into a sustainable source of livelihood remains elusive, he added.

A senior Induna, who chose to remain anonymous, expressed deep concern for the future of the next generation. He lamented the current state of affairs, remarking that during his own time, life was considerably easier. He called for a change in the educational curriculum, emphasizing the need for more vocational training. Sharing his personal experience, he revealed that despite his two daughters graduating from the University of Namibia, they remain unemployed and idle at home, rendering their education seemingly futile. This predicament puts the older generation in a delicate situation, as they had hoped for a brighter future, he concluded.

As poverty deepens its grip, many families rely solely on old-age pension payouts as their only source of income. However, these funds often prove insufficient, with some grandparents supporting extended families consisting of 20 or more dependents. The future appears bleak. Attempts to obtain comments from the regional councillor of Katima Mulilo urban proved unsuccessful.

Source : namibiadailynews