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Barcode Gives Namibia an Identity

The launch of a Namibian barcode has given the country’s products their unique identity on the international market.

Deputy trade minister Verna Sinimbo said this at the launch of 631 GS1 Namibia barcode in Windhoek on Tuesday.

She said when Namibia was using the South African barcode, Namibian products were considered as South Africa’s in the international market.

“While we take pride in our shared African heritage, there was always a yearning for an identifier that is uniquely ours, one that would truly reflect our individuality.

“Today, with the launch of the 631 prefix, we now have a signature that is distinctly Namibian, a beacon that shines brightly for our goods and services in the international marketplace,” she said.

The launch of the GS1 or the National Bar Code system is a testament to Namibia’s journey as a nation and embodies its collective resolve to make a mark on the global stage, Sinimbo said, adding that the barcode launch evokes a sense of progress, acknowledging the substantial progress the country has made since independence.

“It reflects our economic resilience, marking our growth from a young nation to an influential player in global trade,” she said adding that it is a recognition to Namibian entrepreneurs, manufacturers, and innovators who have carried the nation forward on the global stage.

Sinimbo said the 631 prefix is a celebration of the nation’s unity.

“Just as these three digits will forever bind our products and services, they symbolise the strength of our people coming together, irrespective of tribe, region, or background.

“It is a reaffirmation of our shared vision, a common aspiration to elevate Namibia to greater heights. With every product that carries the 631 prefix, we are not just selling a commodity; we are sharing a piece of Namibia with the world,” she said.

Sinimbo added: “Each item tells a story – a story of our land, our culture, our people, and our spirit. It is a message that resonates with love, pride and a deep sense of belonging.”

She urged Namibians to celebrate not just an advancement in the nation’s trade capabilities, but a significant step forward in the collective journey as Namibians.

“For the 631 prefix is more than a code; it is a symbol of our unity, our resilience, our aspiration, and our pride,” she said.