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Dumped Eggs Threaten Namibian Poultry Sector

Namibian poultry farmers are feeling threatened by the illegal sale of eggs that are being dumped after entering the country as in-transit exports, according to a recent report on agriculture and aquaculture.

The report by Simonis Storm Securities says the Oshikango border is the primary hotspot for this illicit trade, adding that this is a serious threat to the livelihoods of domestic poultry farmers.

“Despite Namibia’s self-sufficiency in local egg production, the dumping activities conducted by Zambian farmers continue to undermine the sector’s stability.

“Zambian truck drivers, arriving for export purposes at the Port of Walvis Bay, are illicitly selling eggs within Namibia,” Simonis Storm says.

The report says the Poultry Association of Namibia has urged the government to implement stricter border controls to combat this issue effectively.