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Shimuafeni Rallies Namibians to Be Counted

Statistician general Alex Shimuafeni has underscored the importance of the forthcoming population census in the planning and allocation of Namibia’s resources.

Speaking on Desert Radio’s ‘Talking Business’ on Wednesday, Shimuafeni made a passionate plea to all Namibians to participate in the forthcoming census.

“This forthcoming census is vital and an integral part of assisting policymakers to allocate resources of the country in areas where they are needed. I am glad that so far we have dealt with the recruitment of the enumerators from all over the country.

“We are now in the selection process. We have also made sure to sensitise everyone on the importance of this exercise, and we want everyone to participate,” he said.

Shimuafeni said Namibians should view the population census as a vital national event that needs everyone’s support and participation.

He said the census programme will cater for all Namibians, including those with no fixed abode.

According to Shimuafeni, the roll-out of the census will cater for everyone who has spent the night in the country a day before the census resumes, but Namibians who are in the diaspora will not be counted on the day of the census.

“Ideally we would want a situation in which all the countries in the world conduct their censuses at the same time. That would work perfectly well to avoid double counting,” he said.

“I can safely say we are ready and we are finalising all the plans. On the question of resources, we must always know that we will never have enough, but we are grateful to the government for providing us the money needed.

“We had to delay it earlier, because at that time resources had to be channeled elsewhere where they were needed, but we are now in a position where we are moving forward.”

Shimuafeni said the agency is empowered by law to carry out the census and warned those who do not cooperate that they could face a N$50 000 penalty.

“Of course we are operating in times where criminals would like to take advantage of the system, but we have made sure that all the enumerators will be posted in the areas they come from, and are already known so that criminals will not take advantage of the process,” he said.

Namibia hosts a national census every 10 years to assess population growth and create a guiding framework for resource distribution and allocation.

Source : Namibian