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Mining Global to Merge with Namibia African Lithium Mine

Mining Global, Inc. (OTC:MNGG) is pleased to announce that Mining Global has accepted the agreement to merge with an African mining mine. The merger is set to be completed within the next thirty days.

The mine is in Namibia, Africa. A supplemental disclosure was filed with OTC Markets providing a Birdseye view of the merger and a full detailed 85 page mining report, including an overview of the lithium mine exploration project

The license area covers several commercial farms. The geology of the region, particularly the Nama Group and Namaqua Metamorphic Complex, indicates strong potential for pegmatite-associated Sn and rare metal mineralization, including Lithium, tantalum, niobium, tin, tungsten, and more. The pegmatites in the area have historically been rich in valuable minerals, and further exploration is likely to reveal promising results.

The transaction will be closed in escrow so not to disturb the current share structure. MNGG will need to perform an audited financial statement and return to being an SEC reporting company together with other FINRA type compliance and corporate matters. The Namibia mining co will also be required to perform and meet certain pre agreed mining thresholds. Both companies expect to reac h their targeted goals by the fiscal ed 2023.

In other company news and events addressing some of our followers FAQ the Company continues to operate its VAR mining & trading division and the mezzanine corporate business services. The company reports its revenues on a consolidated basis.

We are excited about the potential this project holds and believe it presents a remarkable opportunity for investors and shareholders. The strategic location, combined with the untapped mineral wealth, makes this Lithium exploration project an attractive venture for those seeking high growth potential and long-term benefits.

If you wish to obtain more detailed information about the project, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. Together, we can be at the forefront of a groundbreaking exploration journey in Namibia’s mineral-rich lands.

More details will follow on a timely basis.

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Considering current and future mining market outlook, management operates a business model that is linked to mining and as well involved into commodity investing in general as a business VAR aggregator Our main focus is in mining projects such as Limestone, Lithium, Copper, Silver, and others. Apart from exploration and mining investing, MNGG invests in operating and already listed, but undervalued companies that are mining or metal business oriented. Some of these companies are well known in the mining industry.

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