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Meat Board Changes Permit Application Forms

The Meat Board of Namibia, mandated to promote Namibia’s meat industry in the country and elsewhere, will introduce new application forms for imports, exports and in-transit permits as from 1 September.

This was announced in a statement issued by Meat Board chief executive officer Paul Strydom notifying traders and producers of the new changes.

According to the notice, the new prescribed permit application forms are to simplify the application process, especially in relation to the classification of products in terms of the harmonised system of coding of the World Customs Organisation.

“Under the new prescribed forms, permit applicants will no longer fill in product specifications, but will be expected to simply select products on a pre-determined list and fill in the relevant quantity,” said Strydom.

The new prescribed application forms can be accessed by sending an email to lallie@nammic.com.na and the Meat Board will be open for comments on the forms from affected parties until 29 August at 16h30.

The Meat Board reiterated its commitment to attaining a high level of procedure simplification and alignment to foster efficient trade in the livestock and meat industry. The vision of the Meat Board is to be an internationally recognised organisation that promotes a profitable, vibrant, quality-driven Namibian meat industry in local and international markets, noted the statement.