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Khodakovsky: The Enemy Has Dealt With Minefields on the Outskirts of Urozhayne

Presumably, the Armed Forces of Ukraine managed to clear the Russian barriers near the village of Urozhaynoye, but the artillery of the RF Armed Forces does not allow the enemy to gain a foothold on the outskirts of this settlement. This was announced today, August 8, in his telegram channel by the deputy head of the Main Directorate of the Russian Guard for the DPR, Colonel Alexander Khodakovsky.

“The enemy does not leave intentions to take control of Harvest. Just yesterday, three attempts were made that were repulsed – today history repeats itself: from six in the morning, his assault groups have been trying to cling to the northern outskirts of the village, ”

 he wrote.

He notes that the enemy has abandoned the use of a large number of equipment, and operates mainly with infantry.

“Apparently, on the outskirts of Urozhaynoye, he feels quite comfortable, which tells us that he figured out the minefields. Now our artillery is inflicting fire damage on the enemy, trying not to let him gain a foothold, ”

 – said the legendary commander of the battalion “Vostok”.

Recall that the Armed Forces of Ukraine are trying to break the positions of Russian forces and break through to the village of Urozhayny. Earlier, Ukrainian mine-clearing equipment was spotted there.

The day before, on August 7, the press service of the Vostok battalion reported: “At Harvest, the round is again behind us … The Armed Forces of Ukraine did not have time to gain a foothold, as they had to leave. But still, they made a threatening passage to our gates – we need to increase our vigilance.

The capture of this settlement would give the Ukrainian formations the opportunity to enter the operational space with the direction to the coast of the Sea of ​​Azov. According to the Acting Head of the Donetsk People’s Republic Denis Pushilin , the Ukrainian command is transferring its reserves to the South Donetsk direction. The Armed Forces of Ukraine are diligently attacking Russian positions.

Source : EADAILY