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Namibia to Host Jazz Festival After 3-year Hiatus

WINDHOEK, Aug. 24 (Xinhua) — Namibia is scheduled to host the annual Windhoek Jazz Festival on Oct. 7 in Windhoek, the Namibian capital, after a three-year COVID-19-induced hiatus.

The City of Windhoek on Wednesday evening launched an event and announced that legendary South African singer-songwriter and guitarist Jonathan Butler will grace the show as the main act and will be supported by performances from other artists.

The festival was launched at the right time, said Mayor of Windhoek Joseph Uapingene, adding that the absence of the event underscored the festival’s significant impact on the economy, artists, and Windhoek residents.

The last event was held in 2019.

“This festival is a statement to our city, vibrant cultural centers, showcasing not only international arts but also providing a platform for home-grown talents to showcase and exhibit their creativity. This is also a space where dreams are realized, connections are made, and future new stars are born,” he said.

Uapingene said this year’s artist selection process was both challenging and rewarding and will see various local artists like Suzy Eises, Savanna Afros (Zimbabwe), Erna Chimu, and Esme Songbird grace the show.

“The Jazz Festival is back on the calendar and we are not going to be disturbed,” said the City of Windhoek Chief Executive Moses Matyayi, adding that the festival is a key marketing identifier of the city.

In the previous years since it was hosted, the festival had always managed to pull crowds as big as 5,000 jazz enthusiasts.

Source : Xinhua