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NCAA Educates Namibia Logistics Association About Standards

In an apparent rebuke of an uninformed campaign aimed at discrediting certain Namibian public institutions in the aviation industry as well as Paragon Aviation Services, the NCAA issued a statement setting the record straight about aviation standards.

The NCAA reminded the naysayers that certain certifications regarding the provision of ground handling services are exclusive to the European Union (EU).

Harald Schmidt, the Secretary General of the Namibia Logistic Association (NLA) in a letter to the NCAA, enquired about Paragon Aviation Services’ Regulated Agents Certification (RA3 certification) as required under EU regulations and the post holding ground holding regulations as required by the International Civil Aviation Organization Agency (ICAO). The letter appears to have been followed up by a poster which was widely circulated on social media. The Windhoek Observer in yesterday’s edition reported about a concerted campaign to discredit Paragon Aviation Services, the outfit now responsible for ground handling services at Hosea Kutako International Airport. Many newspapers seem to have been given the same questions on the same day enquiring about PAS’ qualifications. The purported NLA poster seem to amplify the same questions.

However, the Executive Director of the NCAA, Toska Sem in response stated that it is important to note that the RA3 certification is a requirement exclusive to the EU, and it does not have any bearing on the NCAA’s regulatory processes.

“Our primary focus remains on ensuring strict compliance with relevant EU regulations and ICAO standards that fall within our jurisdiction,” Sem said.

Sem, with regards to International Aviation Company Audits, said the NCAA underscores the significance of service providers undergoing comprehensive audits to uphold these standards, which are integral to fostering a secure and dependable aviation environment with an emphasis on safety, security, and quality.

“Our vigilant oversight extends to the testing of facilities, assuring their alignment with international requisites. We maintain an unwavering commitment to prioritizing safety and security,” she stated.

With regard to the eviction of Menzies Aviation Namibia from the HKIA, Sem said that the matter is under the purview of the Namibia Airports Company as the aerodrome operator. She emphasized that the decision of the NAC to evict the Menzies aligns with the Public Procurement Act, 2015 (No. 15 of 2015).

“We hold in high esteem the collaborative spirit of all stakeholders, recognizing their collective efforts in ensuring the optimal functioning of the HKIA. Our dedication remains steadfast in addressing concerns as we strive for a secure and safe aviation environment,” she said.

Source : Windhoek Observer