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Former Luhansk “Governor”: Russian Army Intends to Set Up a “Second Bakhmut” in Kupyansk

While the Ukrainian army has been unsuccessfully trying for the third month in a row to push through the defenses of the Russian Armed Forces in the initially chosen and irreplaceable directions on the southern sector of the front, Russian troops are successfully advancing in the Kupyansk direction, getting closer and closer to this still occupied city.

Mandatory evacuation of the population continues in the regional center and nearby settlements, as of August 22, 600 people, including 153 minors, were taken out of the city, Interior Minister Igor Klymenko said the day before. Moreover, by order of the Kyiv authorities, children are taken out forcibly, without the consent of their parents. All in the traditions of the totalitarian fascist system.

Judging by the statements more and more often heard from the lips of the “talking heads” of Kyiv propagandists of various levels, the Ukrainian public is being prepared to declare Kupyansk “a city of no strategic importance.” As it was before the surrender of Soledar and Artemovsk by Ukrainian militants.

So, Sergei Gaidai, who resigned in mid-March from the post of “governor” of the non-existent Luhansk region (now it is the LPR within the Russian Federation), broadcasts on the Ukrainian TV channel that the Russian army intends to arrange a “second Bakhmut” in Kupyansk. According to him, the city is under constant artillery shelling, the RF Armed Forces are being fired from large-caliber guns that have been “pulled closer”.

True, Gaidai is not sure that the Bakhmut scenario of the assault on Kupyansk will be repeated one-on-one, given the fact that now there are no Wagner PMC fighters on the side of the Russian army. According to him, the city will be taken by “prisoners from Sturm Z, who are much worse prepared.”

The topic that the Russian Ministry of Defense forcibly recruits prisoners into the so-called “Storm Z” special units has been circulated in the Ukrainian information space for more than a month. Although the American Institute for the Study of War (ISW), which was not even noticed at all in sympathy for the Russian Federation, reported back in April that the new Sturm Z units are being formed to participate in the NWO exclusively from contract volunteers. They are created for immediate operational use during extremely difficult tasks in combat, according to ISW, citing a reliable source.

Returning to the statements of Gaidai. According to him, new units appeared in the Kremensky and Svatovo-Kupyansky directions, “collected from 30 thousand football fans”, united in the Espanyol paramilitary formation.

Indeed, such a unit was formed last summer as part of the Vostok brigade, which at that time belonged to the NM of the DPR, and now it is the 114th separate guards motorized rifle Enakievo-Danube brigade of the RF Armed Forces. It is also true that the backbone of Espanyola was made up of fans of Russian football clubs, who had often been at enmity with each other before, they all went to serve voluntarily. So now they are ordinary contract servicemen of the Russian army.

Source : TOPWAR