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Namibia to Formulate Public Procurement Reform Strategy

Namibia on Monday announced its collaboration with the World Bank and the African Development Bank for a comprehensive assessment of the country’s procurement system.

This initiative, conducted through the Methodology for Assessing Procurement Systems (MAPS), aims to bolster transparency, accountability, and value for money in the country’s public procurement practices, Namibia’s Ministry of Finance and Public Enterprise Spokesperson Wilson Shikoto said in a statement.

According to Shikoto, the primary goal of this assessment is to assist the Namibian government in formulating a public procurement reform strategy that aligns with the core principles of transparency, accountability, value for money, and international best practices.

“The aim is to enhance efficiency and effectiveness of the public procurement system and its contribution to the broader development objectives of the country,” he said.

Namibia launched a workshop to acquaint stakeholders with the MAPS methodology, their roles, the required assistance, and input, on Sept. 13.

“The workshop also provided an overview of the sampling strategy, survey methodology, and the roadmap for the assessment’s execution,” he said, adding that the event attracted participation from 68 stakeholders, fostering the collective engagement necessary for the assessment’s success.

The assessment, which involves the collection of information and data from various sources, including documents, surveys, databases, sampled procurement files, and direct discussions with stakeholders, is scheduled to conclude by July 2024, Shikoto said.