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Russia Uses New Tactics to Deter Ukrainian Troops

Russian troops reportedly adapted their tactics by digging tunnels to launch attacks from near Ukrainian positions and using unmanned ground vehicles.

According to Anton Kotsukon, spokesman for the 110th Separate Mechanized brigade, in a broadcast on October 21, Ukrainian reconnaissance units reportedly witnessed Russians using car-sized remote-controlled vehicles to deliver munitions.

The fight to defend Avdiivka was fierce as Russia continued to bring new resources to the fight. “They have enough resources, very fierce fighting continues every day, every day they throw more and more new forces into the attack – both personnel and armored vehicles, aviation, artillery,” he said.

Russian troops continued to suffer losses in manpower and equipment during their assault on Avdiivka, as seen in a video shared on social media by Ukrainian Special Operations Forces on October 20.

The Ukrainian military reported earlier on October 20 that Russia had renewed its offensive around Avdiivka, a town heavily fortified by Ukraine and located several kilometers north of occupied Donetsk.

“However, our defenders strongly held the defense and inflicted heavy losses on the enemy,” the Special Operations Forces reported. In one of the recent battles, soldiers of the 3rd Separate Special Purpose Regiment detected a group of Russian armored vehicles moving towards Avdiivka.

Russian losses in these clashes included four armored personnel carriers, two tanks and dozens of troops. Drone footage published in the video shows several Russian vehicles taking direct hits, in some cases followed by subsequent explosions.

Moscow forces intensified their offensive on Avdiivka in Donetsk Oblast last week in an effort to encircle the city. Kyiv reported that Russian forces had suffered heavy casualties in both manpower and equipment during these attacks.

Source : Kabar24