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Statistics Agency to Process Delayed Census Field Workers Salaries

The Namibia Statistics Agency (NSA) has promised to roll-out outstanding census payments for census field workers and transport providers as from Monday.

The NSA will pay the outstanding salaries per region that is fully verified and processed.

Statistician general Alex Shimuafeni said this in a press statement on Friday.

The NSA aimed to begin with the first payments on 10 November, provided that the payment batches were successfully verified, said Shimuafeni.

“In order to avoid any further delays, the NSA will ensure that payment requests on any list that do not have all the required documentation will not further hamper the process and they will be dealt with separately.

“We also commit to update the affected people and the nation, to provide updates on the payment on a daily basis starting from 10 November,” he said.

Shimuafeni said to date, the NSA has already made training allowance, field staff allowance and transport allowance payments to the field workers, including enumerators, team supervisors and constituency supervisors.

“The current outstanding payment of the more than 13 000 census field staff is the actual salaries of which the payment process involves the verification of the following; verification of returned equipment in terms of any damages or losses, contract content verification, verification of any disciplinary matters, tax certificate, verification of banking details and verification of erroneous previous payments or payment deductions,” said Shimuafeni.

The payment process of the more than 2 700 vehicle owners entails contract verifications, reconciliation of the fuel used versus the balance to be paid to the service provider, days worked, as well as verification of banking details, he said.

“Our staff members are hard at work to ensure that the process is effective and efficient without cutting corners and not compromising on the quality of work, as well as compliance with the law. We equally ask those who have not submitted their required documents to do so to avoid unnecessary delays.

“The NSA would further like to inform the nation, specifically our field staff and owners of the vehicles used during this exercise that due processes are being conducted thoroughly before payments are effected. We, therefore, hereby plead for your patience and be assured that you all will be paid what is due to you,” he said.

Source : Namibian