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Stadio Namibia Signs Academic Partnership With Automobile Association

Stadio Namibia has signed a collaborative agreement with the Automobile Association of Namibia (AAN) to develop tertiary courses on transport and logistics.

In a press statement issued last Thursday, Stadio Namibia’s head, Brighten Simasiku, said the company wants fresh perspectives on qualifications that would meet optimal standards and relevance in the local transport sector.

“The collaboration will include key areas such as curriculum development for short- and long-term courses in the field of driver training management, module co-badging, hosting webinars and consultative engagements with relevant stakeholders and many other crucial factors,” he said.

This agreement will see the academic world and transport industry collaborate on training, capacity growth and development.

The managing director of AAN, Hileni Tjivikua, said the partnership with Stadio Namibia allows the association to expand its efforts beyond the roads and into the realm of formal and tertiary education.

“Our collaboration will facilitate the exchange of knowledge and expertise, fostering an environment in which intellectual curiosity thrives and where the pursuit of excellence becomes a shared endeavour,” she said.

Tjivikua said there are benefits to educating individuals with the knowledge, skills and attitudes essential for responsible and safe driving.

Through joining resources, the two companies want to develop comprehensive driving instructor training programmes and other road safety courses.

Stadio Namibia is focused on widening in accessing education and qualifications that align with the world of work.

AAN advocates road safety through partnerships with both local and international road safety groups.

Source : Namibian