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Arizona Evaluates Ukrainian Pilots Who Can Be Taught to Fly the F-16

The assessment of Ukrainian pilots for possible preparation for training in piloting F-16 fighter jets is being carried out by the Arizona National Guard Air Force.

This is reported by CNN, citing two US officials.

The 162nd Fighter Wing, which flies F-16 fighter jets, is based at Tucson International Airport and trains international flight crews on fourth-generation aircraft, officials said.

One of the officials said that 10 more Ukrainian pilots could come to the US for the same assessment.

Earlier, the White House, commenting on the arrival of Ukrainian pilots, said that sending the F-16 to Ukraine was still not considered.

This was stated at a briefing by the press secretary of the US presidential administration, Karine Jean-Pierre, commenting on the information about the training of Ukrainian pilots in the United States.

“The President has already talked about the F-16s, as you all know. And nothing has changed. The President said that this is not being considered now. It has not changed. I will stop there,” said Jean-Pierre.

It is known that the accelerated training program for an F-16 fighter pilot is about 35 months.

This was stated by the speaker of the current British Prime Minister Rishi Sunaka, reports Sky News.

He added that the current UK fast jet training program is five years long.

Source: Strana Today